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I Taught a Painted Rock Art Workshop the Other Week

2022 update in-person workshop painted rock art Jun 18, 2022

A little while ago, I had the delightful opportunity to teach a Painted Rock Art Workshop in my city. Occasionally folks will approach me with a request to hire me for an event. Sometimes my plate is too full for this, but thankfully everything worked out for this event. I really enjoy teaching and sharing my passion for artmaking, and this is one of my absolute favourite workshops to teach so it was tons of fun. :)

When I saw how vivid the water jars became at the workshop, I just had to line them up in front of the window for a photo!!

One of the things that I love best about the Painted Rock Art workshops is that EVERYONE can do it. Sure, some attempts are better than others, but that is not what is important. The important thing is for people to have fun and to feel that THEY can do it! So I explain the tools, the process, show the examples and empower the class to create what they want to create on the rock.

Painting on rocks does not seem to intimidate as many people as painting on a canvas does. Plus there's something so great about paint markers - which are similar enough to regular markers that most people will try using them. So if you do not feel that you are an artist, and maybe don't think you're a creative - I'd like to encourage you to try Painted Rock Art for a fun little craft time this summer.

The above photo is the class's work from the workshop!

In workshops like this, some people will find one of my painted examples and may copy it or use it as inspiration. Other's will immediately just know what they want to paint. And yet others will have an idea in their mind so they'll google it and look for similar images so that they can copy their idea. However you approach your painting time - be relaxed, be ready to have fun and remember - it is JUST rocks and paint. Mistakes and blemishes can be painted over (once the previously painted part is dry). 

If you're interested in painting rocks this summer - this is what you need:

  • smooth rocks to paint on
  • paint markers (water based, not oil based)
  • table protection
  • apron/old shirt (clothing protection)
  • Optional: acrylic paints from the tube with a paint brush and water jar for painting a base coat, if desired.
  • Paper towels/baby wipes (for clean up)
  • copy paper and pencil (for designing your idea)

Also - if you wish to handle the rock a lot or place it outdoors, you'll want to seal your rock to protect that lovely art! Head to your local Michaels or art store and ask for good sealers. You can seal OR varnish OR resin your art rock. It just depends on your preference, how long you want to wait for things to dry and how much money you want to put into sealing the rock.

I go over everything in a lot more detail in my Painted Art Rock online course. It used to be available on another website, but the course will be transferred to this site sometime this year.

Wishing you all a really lovely day,