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 Hi, I’m Heidi!

I am an artist and art instructor with a passion for sharing creativity and faith.


I live with my family in a beautiful city on the Canadian prairies. I'm a hearing aid wearing, profoundly deaf person who loves all things art, playing cello, coffee and reading. A creatively curious experimenter - I enjoy connecting with others and sharing my love of art and creativity. I believe that if you want to create - you can. Let me show you the tools and some basics to help you get started creating art.

Some of my favourite things


I love working on my art and lettering skills - and finding different surfaces to use them on. You will find me painting and lettering on rocks, wood, canvas, paper and more!

Rock Art Painting

My online Rock Art Painting course will be revamped and re-released in 2023!
Rock Art Gallery

Art Journaling

Art Journaling Gallery

Tag It

Shipping Tags are so much fun to create art with! Use them in journaling, for gifting, and as tag art. Tags are an economical way to practice your art skills and to learn new techniques.

Amazing Tags

Have you tried The Sharpie Challenge with watercolour and gel pens? This short course, originally released in 2021 on CourseCraft, will be revamped and re-released in 2023.

Paint Play

Watercolouring is one of my favourite things.  :)

Hand Lettering

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