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You don't have to consider yourself an artist or a creative for our courses and membership. If you feel the pull to learn and want to express your heart by creating, I encourage you to let me (Heidi) show you the tools and techniques. You'll find your way as I show you my methods, tips and suggestions.

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A membership subscription for Bible Art Journaling. We now offer both monthly and annual subscription options.

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Online art courses for you to indulge your creative curiosity


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This project based course was originally filmed for an 2021 membership art release

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Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Heidi, an Artist and Art Instructor who loves to share the joy of creativity with others.


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Check out my Etsy shop. 

In the shop, you can find digital products such as Traceables and Printables sold separately or in packages.

Please note: Your purchased digital products will NOT have any watermarks on them.

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Grow your Art Skills and Your Faith with a Creative Membership

Creative Adventures in Bible Art Journaling

This membership offers a way to get started in Bible Art Journaling and to sustain your journaling practice. It encourages you to develop and build your faith.

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  • a monthly Bible Art Journaling project
  • video based tutorial 
  • easy to use templates 
  • a monthly scripture & theme
  • a sweet devotional
  • a prayer
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  • a monthly Bible Art Journaling project
  • video based tutorial
  • easy to use templates
  • a monthly scripture & theme
  • a sweet devotional
  • a prayer
  • Save 15% annually
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Combining creativity with fun, curiousity and joy.


Traceable's (downloadable art) like this one is a key feature of our creative membership. I also offer Traceables in my Etsy Shop.

Click on the button to save this downloadable art. Use it on a project or in a journal. *For personal use only.

If you were on my email list before this offer was available, just email me. I'll be happy to send it to you!

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Discover the Joy of Craft Foam Printmaking.

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