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Welcome to A Glimpse of Joy!!

Check out “Events” for a list of Fall 2019 classes - more will be updated in the weeks to come!


It is my hope that this website will inspire you to create art (or to learn how to).

I love creating art and teaching it.

I value making space for art and creative community.

I really appreciate how one can connect with God through His word, beauty and creativity. It is my hope that sections of the website such as “Bible Art Journaling” and the “100 days of Less Hustle More Jesus” galleries will inspire you to learn how to connect with God in the way that he uniquely designed YOU to do so. since I’m a visual learner (and deaf) - connecting with god through art has deepened my relationship with God in the best of ways. Bible art journaling is a worship experience - just as valid as singing. (wink).


Please feel free to look around!

Please do Email me if you have a commission that you want to discuss,

or to inquire if a piece of art is for sale.

Smiles, Heidi guenther.

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A bit about Heidi…


You’ll often find Heidi in her Studio creating art or learning & experimenting with new arts and crafts techniques while trying to avoid dipping her paintbrush into her coffee. Heidi enjoys connecting with friends at coffee shops, art making get-togethers, and games nights. Heidi enjoys bringing her iPhone to capture beautiful moments on her nature walks (something that helps motivate her to walk the family dog), and spending time with her three boys and husband.

Heidi teaches a variety of Mixed Media, Workshops, Watercolour Workshops and Bible Art Journaling Workshops from home and in shops in the Saskatoon area and beyond.

Heidi’s primary medium of choice is acrylic paint and she loves Mixed Media. You’ll find her dabbling in Watercolour, painting on rocks and leaves, creating Bible Art Journaling pages, experimenting in her journals, creating cards, carving rubber stamps, wood-burning, creating colouring pages, doodling, lettering, calligraphy, making bookmarks, jewelry and more!!

Follow Heidi on her instagram account: @aglimpseofjoy to keep up with her #dailycreative endeavors.

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Contact, Connection & Comments

If you want to connect with me (Heidi) or to leave any comments - please fill in the form to send an email.  I'll try my best to get back to you in a timely manner. I find that I am more productive (with time management) if I schedule an hour or so to respond to email on certain days, and then set aside similar chunks of time to fill orders or paint - so please don't worry if it takes me a few days to respond. Thanks! Just put <**Attention> at the top of your message if you want a really quick response. I look forward to chatting with you.  

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Follow Heidi: @aglimpseofjoy




Heidi Guenther

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan,


email: aglimpseofjoy@gmail.com

You can also follow me on: 

Instagram: @aglimpseofjoy

Facebook: A Glimpse Of Joy


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