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Bible Art Journaling: in An Illustrating Bible

2022 update bible art journaling creative adventures membership creativity talk Jun 29, 2022

Have you ever walked into a bookstore and picked up one of the Somerset Studio magazines on Art Journaling? If you have, or if you've been on social media and have looked at any of the art journaling hashtags, you'll know that there are so many ways to do art journaling. It's phenomenal. 

Well... it's the same for Bible Art Journaling and/or Faith Journaling. There are SO many ways to do it. 

You can find your own way of art journaling/bible art journaling/faith journaling that works for you. It may be similar to my style or someone else's style. It might be uniquely your own style! But there is really all the freedom in the world for you to express your heart and thoughts in art journaling - right there in your journal or Bible of your choice. And remember - no one needs to see your work unless you want them to. 

As you've probably guessed by now, I simply love all things art journaling, faith journaling, bible art journaling and just about everything art. Ha! 

In the days ahead, I'll share more about the different journaling styles that I really enjoy doing. 

Today I'll share briefly about Bible Art Journaling in the Bible.

I really love art journaling inside the Bible. But I do find that depending on the space available, my journaling style can vary drastically. One of the reasons why I allow my journaling style to change so much (and so regularly) is because it keeps my interest in journaling at a high level. It's just how I'm wired, basically. :) I'm very drawn to experimenting - which is actually a big help to me as an art instructor as it helps me to keep my content fresh and to find new things to teach and share with others!

Right now, in my shop on this website, I offer a creative membership called: Creative Adventures in Bible Art Journaling, as well as an online course called: Sunflower Bible Art Journaling Mini Course.

Both online items show you how to do some Bible Art Journaling inside what's called an Illustrating Bible. My favourite is the Psalms and Proverbs Bible, as pictured above. Please note - the colour might look very different on your computer or device but it is a shimmery pink-orange colour.

I have enjoyed them so much that I now have four different kinds of Illustrating Bibles! I found mine at a store Kennedy's Parable in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. You can also find them on the Dayspring website, on Amazon and at other Christian bookstores.

Here's a photo with three of the ones that I own - what a difference in size the smaller Bibles are (with just one or two books of the Bible in them) compared to the one with the entire Bible! I find the smaller ones much easier to use but they are all wonderful.

Anyway... the focus of my current online video courses is to show you how to create layouts using Traceables, which are worksheets that I've created which you can download, print and then trace the art into your bible (sketchbook, or paper of choice). If you're not comfortable with drawing or with coming up with ideas, these classes can be helpful to get you started! If you ARE comfortable with drawing and coming up with ideas but want to learn some art tips and techniques, you might just love the projects and process videos.

I know that tracing an image or using it as a colouring page is not for everyone though. And I know that some of you LOVE to draw or want to learn how to letter better. So I plan to offer some fun, short tutorials and a variety of online courses showcasing other ways of art journaling (whether in the Bible or out of it), in the future. :)

If you wish to check out the gallery of some bible art journaling layouts here on my website, follow this link.

Here's the Month One project for Creative Adventures in Bible Art Journaling:

Isn't that a fun and vibrant page? I just loved creating it!

If loads of colour isn't for you - remember - on your project, you're in charge of making your own colour choices. You can have it as wild and bright as you want. Subtle. Subdued. Black and white. Whatever is inspiring to you.

The neat thing about the membership is that I'll show you ALL the steps that I took to create this page. Remember - if you are a member, you can trace this artwork!! I work in layers for pages like this. Once you see what I do, you'll be surprised at what YOU CAN DO. You do not need to have much if any experience with watercolours to join us. I'll show you some tips and tricks so that you can do this your way. But this page doesn't just feature watercolours. It also uses a black marker and one of my all time favourite art supplies.

If you're interested in learning more, click on this link.

I wish you all a really lovely day,