Hi! My name is Heidi - Welcome to A Glimpse of Joy!

I am a wife to Desmond and a Mom to three boys (two are teenagers). We have a black lab cross that loves it when I give her rubs, walks and treats. I am a highly creative person who just loves to learn anything and everything about arts, crafts and jewelry.  I enjoy learning techniques and often take online art classes to learn more!! I was also born with a severe hearing loss but love music and was gifted the opportunity to begin to learn the cello just a few years ago.

I am an HSP (highly sensitive person - to food and other things), and have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  My relationship with God is woven through all aspects of my life and inspires much of the work that I do, the values I hold and the goals that I aspire to.

A new passion of mine is to teach others how they can build their creative skills. I enjoy teaching workshops in person.  I love to show others that they can learn how to do something creative (ie. Bible Art Journaling or painting)  during a class by following simple instructions - even when they have no experience or natural inclination to be creative! It is such a thrill to see folks relax (after awhile in class!), begin to enjoy the creative process and to see their personalities and preference coming out in their work.  I just love it when folks are surprised by their own abilities that they never realized that they had! My in-person workshops gives everyone a starting point and an example to follow - but I encourage individuality and personal expression in class. I love how everyone's work is uniquely theirs by the end of the class.  People with artistic and craft experience are always welcome!

Once upon a time I stumbled upon the idea of a gratitude practice.  The idea was to take a photo a day and to post it on Instagram.  While I don't always manage to take a photo everyday, the practice has caused me to look deeper at the nuances of my life and city, to feel deeper connected to my life, belongings and surroundings - and to share of my everyday with others.  Taking time to slow down, notice the simple things and to express gratitude for it (gratitude practice) has been life changing. It has become a tool to express poetry in visual terms but without the paintbrush! I will often take some photos with my iPhone while on my nature walks.  Looking around to see what's happening in nature while on my walk helps me to stop and really NOTICE the details which are normally missed. I enjoy noticing things like raindrops clinging to pine needles, or finding heart shaped rocks in unexpected locations. Here and there I'll also post some nature walk photos on the blog and share a bit about my family and our lives. I love to encourage people to look up, to keep hope in sight and to really get to know Jesus.