Shipping Domestic

I'll do my best to get your order out within 2 to 4 business days. I use Express Post through the Canadian Postal Service so that you'll get your order in a timely manner and with tracking capabilities.

Shipping International

At present I am only able to ship to Canada and to the United States.


I am not able to take returns for physical items.  There will be no refunds for digital items. I will make every effort to see that your item ships to you in the appropriate packaging (cardboard protective layers and plastic packaging for prints for example) and shipped off in a timely manner.  I can not guarantee your item once it leaves my hands (and is en route to you through the local postal service).  However, I still want you to be happy with your purchase! customer satisfaction is important to me. If you have any problems, concerns or suggestions, let's discuss it and I'll see what I can do. 

  • Contact me at to chat!

***please don’t phone me. I’m hard of hearing and have troubles hearing on the phone. Thanks for understanding! Texting or email only.

-Note - Please use caution removing your artwork or item out of the protective sleeve (if it is a paper item).  Bending, piercing, cutting, (etc), or spilling liquid on the artwork is not grounds for a return.   The products that I sell are not indestructible.  Do use common sense when handling your item (clean hands, gentleness, keeping it out of a toddlers reach, etc).  Do be aware that water can and WILL damage most items that I sell, as will greasy or dirty hands (for paintings, prints, originals on paper, cards, etc) once it is out of the original packaging that you received the item in.

-Please email me with any concerns or questions about how to protect your artwork.  Thank you.


All personal info that you share with me remains confidential.  I will not sell or give out your information. I highly value privacy!