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Let's Talk About Printables

My name is Heidi. I teach about art and creativity. I believe that anyone who feels a pull to create - can CREATE! Using an artists artwork (such as Printables) can be a fun and relaxing way to create because the art is already created for you!

A Printable is artwork that you can download, print and use for your creative or decorative projects. It tends to be art that is a finished digital product (you do not need to do more than print it and cut the shapes out) that is added to your creative project. 

You might add a flower (from a Printable for example) to a handwritten letter, use it as ephemera in cardmaking and scrapbooking projects or add the element to an art journaling page. I'll give you some examples in the video below.

My favourite way to use Printables is to make them into DIY stickers. All you have to do is to print the artwork onto sticker paper using an Inkjet printer. It's so easy that anyone can do it!

Don't have sticker paper? Copy paper, cardstock, thin watercolour paper, textured cardstock - are just some of the many paper options that you have for printing. Just make sure that the paper you choose is compatible with your printer. 

You can find sticker papers (they are often called "Full Sheet Shipping Labels"), cardstocks, copy paper and more at your local office supply shop (such as Staples) or on Amazon.

Don't have an inkjet printer? Laser printers work great too! You can also take the artwork to a Print Shop and have it printed professionally. You can put in your order via their website if they have one or bring the art on a thumb drive with you to the physical location of the Print Shop.


Purchasing and Printing

I have many Printables for sale in my Etsy shop but you may have found other artists and brands to purchase from too! Just follow these easy steps.

After purchasing the artwork (Printable), you'll receive an email confirming your purchase. Just click on the download button on that email to instantly download the art onto your device or computer. If you purchased on Etsy, you can access your files by going to your account. Make sure you're logged in. Click on your photo at the top of the navigation menu (which connects to your account). Click purchases/reviews. Find your purchase (of the Printable) and then click on the download button by your purchase details.

Your purchase will be downloaded immediately to your device/computer. After that - you can print on your choice of paper.

Create DIY Stickers

I adore printing on STICKER PAPER so that I can create DIY stickers. My favourite brand of sticker paper is Avery (but there are other really great brands out there). You can get white or clear sticker paper - just be aware that clear sticker paper may look more milky or translucent rather than clear.

Remember to get paper that is compatible with your printer. This is important!

After printing the stickers out, I wait a few minutes to make sure the ink is fully dry before cutting out the images/shapes. After cutting the images out, I place them into a bowl (a small ziplock bag or some easy storage system) so that I can use them right away. :)

In the photo I am holding a sticker from the "Elspeth" Printable set and am getting it ready to place it into my Moleskine art journal.

Print on your choice of paper

You can print the Printable onto copy paper, shipping labels (sticker paper), thin cardstock, Transparencies or other printer-compatible papers. Even on vellum!

Tip: NEVER print your Printable onto Transparency using a Laser printer. The heat from the laser printer will melt the plastic. Always read the label of your paper to know what printer you should use with that paper. Transparencies are always printed using inkjet printers.

In this photo, you can see that I printed the Printable page onto copy paper. I really like the 28 lb copy paper (it's still very affordable but just a bit thicker paper that prints really well) that I find at an office supply shop. The flower was cut out of the page and adhered onto this art journal page after I had completed the artwork.

When art journaling: It can be really helpful to decide where you want to place the printed element first before creating your page. You can ask yourself: will the printed image look better on white paper (hiding what might lie beneath it) or will it be better printed out on clear sticker paper?

What can you do with Printables?

Printables can be used for many things but they tend to be primarily used for paper crafting projects, homeschooling or household labeling projects.

I adore using Printables for art journaling or Bible art journaling. :)

Depending on what artwork the Printable has, you can use Printables for scrapbooking, card making, creating banners, making placemat cards, bojo, journaling, planners, home decorating projects (like decoupage, collage), creating labels for the kitchen/home/office and more. 

I really enjoy using digital papers (see photo) for book making, collage, mixed media art journal pages and more.

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