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What Is A Traceable?

A Traceable is a type of worksheet with artwork on it.

It can have images, lettering or a combination of both.

You can download and print it on your choice of paper. After that you can:

  • create artwork with it by tracing it onto your paper/surface and then colouring it
  • use it as a practice worksheet to hone your drawing or lettering skills
  • cut it to size and use it as a colouring page

How Do I Use a Traceable? 

If you want to trace the Traceable into thin paper (such as into a Bible, or drawing paper journal) follow these steps:

  • place the Traceable UNDER the project page
  • Use a pencil to draw the lines LIGHTLY on top of the page
  • remove the Traceable (you can now file it or recycle it)
  • decorate and colour the page as desired
  • trace over the penciled lines with black marker

If you want to use it as a colouring page - just print it out, cut it to size and colour!

Where Can I Purchase More Traceables?

If you head to Etsy, you'll find that a number of artists, including myself, sell Traceables and other digital artwork in our Etsy shops.

Sometimes the art that you can use as a Traceable might have a different name, such as: worksheets, art to trace, pdf's, coloring sheets and names like that.

Check out my Etsy shop:

A Glimpse of Joy




Click on the button or link to download the Traceable to your device - if you received access to a Traceable through an email.

If you are at my shop (or another artist's) on Etsy - purchase the Traceable first. You'll get an email telling you that your purchase was confirmed and links to your product.


Print the Traceable.

Find the file on your device/computer that you just downloaded. Bring it up onto your screen.

Print the artwork at 100% (or actual size) on your home computer, using copy paper. If you want to print it smaller, just adjust your print settings.

If you do not have a printer at home - take the file to your local Printshop.



Trace & Colour.

I really like tracing the Traceable into my Bible, journal or paper of my choice and then colouring my artwork with watercolours. But you can use whatever art supplies you want, such as markers, acrylic paint, watercolour crayons, pencil crayons and more.


Looking for More Digital Products?

Check out my Etsy shop - A Glimpse of Joy!

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