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Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
— Thomas Merton

How it all started

It all started with a dream to own my own business selling my art and to inspire others to create.  For years I had no idea or clarity on how to do this, even after attending a University Studio Art degree program! Then came the desire to incorporate a daily gratitude practice into my life.  As the daily gratitude practice became an established part of my life, I realized that this gratitude practice could inspire my art making time and help me with the daily discipline of SHOWING up in the studio.  I began to hone my arts and crafts skills with greater intensity, posting on Instagram and later on, in Facebook groups based around art and art classes.  I embraced my desire to learn and to experiment with art by watching videos, reading magazines and joining online art classes. I played and experimented and will always do so! The act of creating and exploring art and gratitude on an almost daily basis clarified my dream over time and showed me the next steps. Showing up in the studio is pivotal for skills to be honed, growth to be seen and for own's own creative voice to truly emerge. 

Today - Heidi Is teaching workshops and classes and is selling her varying types of art in person and on-line.

If you hear a voice within you say, You can not paint, then by all means PAINT and that voice will be silenced.
— Vincent Van Gogh


To inspire creativity and to foster a love of learning in art and creative pursuits. To shift mindsets - we can build skills and grow our confidence through practice and workshop sessions. To create a culture of kindness, curiosity and exploration - being mindful of the need to take care of our spirit and soul and to balance that with good business practices. To honour and glorify God in life, creativity and business. To create in such a way that makes others FEEL (much like how good music is felt and experienced emotionally in our soul) with positive and life-giving qualities - and to inspire others to do the same.