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I love several styles of art journaling - especially Bible Art Journaling!

Bible Art Journaling is a special type of art journaling which combines prayer, Bible reading and worshiping God through the process of creative art journaling. 

You can create Bible Art Journaling pages inside a Bible, a hymnal, a journal, a sketchbook, on loose paper or on whatever you want!

I offer short courses and a monthly creative subscription for Bible Art Journaling.

Here is a glimpse of just a few of my favourite layouts.

Bible Art Journaling:  in and out of the Bible

This artwork was originally designed for a ladies art night at a local church a number of years ago. When this art is complete, it can be cut and taped into a Bible or hung framed on a wall.

Grow your art skills by watching Bible Art Journaling videos.

We have a membership and online classes with step by step video content.

This page was created with one of our Traceables from an older membership lesson (no longer available) from my creative membership called: Creative Adventures in Bible Art Journaling 

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Some people have different names for Bible Art Journaling.

You might hear phrases like: Bible Journaling, Creative Bible Worship, Faith Journaling, Documenting your Faith, Bible Art, Creative Bible Play and similar terms.

To keep things simple, when I journal or do art related to my Christian faith, I typically just call it all: Bible Art Journaling, no matter what type of Bible or journal I am working in!

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Are you NEW to Bible Art Journaling?


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Do You Have a Larger Bible?

If you have a larger sized Bible, such as an "Illustrating Bible" like this one (by Dayspring), then my Traceables are just perfect for you!

You can also use the Traceables from my shop and from the membership in a 8 x 10 sketchbook.

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Do You Have a Smaller Bible?

If you have a smaller Bible, such as a Crossway Bible or something similar, my "narrow strip" and "Crossway style" Traceables might be right for you!