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Some Inspiration to Make You Smile

2022 update creativity talk encouragement ink inspiration Jun 27, 2022

I'm one of those creatives who stir up their creativity by hopping around from this art type to that art type. By not focusing on one art type - I avoid burnout and keep the creative flow flowing. I adore art supplies, so many types of art and love to inspire and encourage others.

For today's blog post, I decided to create a simple artwork using one of Ferris Wheel Press' newest calligraphy inks from 2022 - their stunning "Tumbling Time Blue." This ink-credible colour has a red metallic shimmer but a brilliant blue when hit with water. It's exciting to work it. I hope this picture will brighten your day!

When an artist like myself creates positive and encouraging art a lot - it doesn't mean that everything in our lives is rosy. It doesn't mean that I'm fake if something bad happens or that everything is just the bees knees. ;) Rest assured, - our family has our moments, just like many others do, and sometimes we have to work on our attitudes. However, I know the value of positive art - art that makes me "look up" and reminds me of the outlook and perspective that I want to have. Sometimes I just need a reminder sometimes to take a moment and align my thinking with what I want it to be. Do you feel that way sometimes?

I suspect that we all do from time to time. It seems to be part of the human experience.

At any rate - I adore creating artwork that encourages myself and others. Art that reminds myself (and others) that we can look up (in messy or distressing situations), that we can CHOOSE to make the best of things (instead of spiraling into a pissy attitude... or depression... or whatever is common to your experience) and so on and so forth.

I see this art almost as glimpses... not only do they inspire me - particularly if I needed to read just those words in that particular moment, but they can be like a power punch can change the trajectory of my day or week from down or mundane to something greater (or at least much nicer).

Glimpses... I imagine there may be a better word to call it, but it reminds me of light breaking through the clouds on a dull and dreary day. When I see light like that, I stop and notice. In that moment, it doesn't matter what was previously happening or even if the whole day was a struggle. In that moment of noticing, I just stop and pause. I appreciate. I feel some measure of warm fuzzies inside. I am reminded that light breaks through and when it does, it is noteworthy.On the more practical side, creating art like this is practice: the practice and discipline of doodling, of lettering, of experimenting with art supplies and continuing to hone my artistic voice. It gives me a theme that I can run with and it uplifts my heart as I create.

So from my home to yours - I want to tell you: Thanks for being here. YOU are phenomenal.

Smiles, Heidi