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Something NEW: Creative Worksheets

2022 update creative worksheets etsy shop fundraiser printables Oct 04, 2022

Hi everyone!

I have something new in my Etsy shop right now - CREATIVE WORKSHEETS! 

I'm feeling excited to use these worksheets and I hope you'll enjoy them too!

What they are: a creative way to make lists, plan, jot down notes, highlight information, brainstorm, do memory keeping, write down prayers/thoughts and creative journaling sheets. Some of the packages have a certain theme - such as habit tracking, prayer, lists (think grocery and store lists), etc. 

They are a digital listing - this means that nothing will be shipped to you. After your purchase is confirmed, you can download the file and print the sheets as many times as you would like. I also call them Printables because they are worksheets that you can print yourself. Please don't share the worksheet with anyone outside of your household - they are for personal use only. Thanks!

What I really love about it is that I can colour the page as I think about things that I want to jot down - this is something that I tend to do a lot!

You can put these sheets in a binder or duotang and arrange any combination or order to create your own planner and list making binder. I can see this being a huge help to my organization and planning needs - so I hope you'll find it fun but practical as well.

Just in case you are wondering - your worksheets will NOT be watermarked. ;)

Want to learn more? Just head to my Etsy shop. :)



P.S. These planning sheets are a way for me to fundraise for my son's Senior Band trip to CUBA in 2023! We're excited for him but we need to start fundraising right away! So thank you in advance to all of you who help us out with fundraising. :)