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Rock Art and Wood Slices

2022 update process photos recent projects rock art wood slice art Apr 12, 2022

Hi everyone. I thought I'd pop in here briefly and show you a bit of what I've been working on lately. Since I had a Rock Art workshop recently, I've been creating more Rock Art so that I'd have some samples to show the ladies at the workshop as most of my Rock Art had been sold! 

For those of you who don't know - I've been selling most of the Rock Art that I've created, as well as bookmarks and some jewelry to Kennedy's Parable , a Christian bookstore and gift shop in Saskatoon. It's one of my favourite places to shop and I appreciate their support very much!

But... let's get back to what I've been creating lately.

As I painted the art rocks, I realized that painting on the wood slices was very similar and so I created a few of them as well. I am absolutely loving it. I am not sure when I'll have them for sale in the shop - but they will be sold somewhere. If you see something that catches your eye here, or on social media - please dm me/email/text me and I can set it aside for you to purchase it (if it is still available). I'll announce details on the blog here and in the email newsletters when the products are ready but maybe you'd like a few sneak peaks now?

Here's some photos!

As you can see, after the base coat is dry (black paint), I started out with  lettering on the Art Rock.

You can see the wood slice art that I created before starting the rock - in varying stages of completion, in the background!

Then I add some doodles and start colouring them in.

When I'm finished, I also colour in the letters. At the very end, once everything is dry, I touch up any little "oopsies" that may have occurred in the process.

The final step - not shown - is sealing the rock. You can use a sealer such as Modge Podge or a Varnish. But sealing the rock is important, otherwise the art can be worn off over time.

I hope this inspired you to create! Have a wonderful day everyone.

Heidi :)