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Rock Art Painting Postcards Are Back!

2022 update painted rock art postcards rock art Jul 20, 2022

I've been amazed over the years at how popular my Rock Art Painting postcards have been. Whenever I sold some Art Rocks (this was a few years ago), I would give a free postcard along with the order. It was so fun to hear from so many people that they loved it.

Well... I recently decided that it was past time to order more! But I realized that I lost the original photo for the old postcard. Boo! :(

Thankfully, I found other really great options on my camera roll and so a new postcard was born. I'm holding it, below:

Do you use postcards? I haven't used them myself in a very long time. But since I ordered more... I am excited to send some postcards in the mail again. Really excited! It seems like a lost custom - I rarely hear of folks sending postcards anymore, except maybe at Christmas.

Let me know - would you consider purchasing postcards? I think it might be fun to order more with my photos and designs and place them into the shop. 

Have a great day,



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