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New MONTH ONE Project in Creative Adventures Membership

2022 update bible art journaling creative adventures membership downloadable art traceables Apr 15, 2022

Did you know that we have a creative membership? It is called Creative Adventures in Bible Art Journaling. I just love creating content for the membership!

Our membership was a year old when I had to move it from it's previous home on CourseCraft over here to Kajabi. As a result, some changes were made to the membership (on the website here) and it was a bit of a learning curve and adjustment. A neat thing about the membership now - is that everyone starts at Month One. No matter what their start date is.

But when I started this membership here in January - I started us out with a project called "Winter Mittens"!! Unfortunately I didn't realize until recently that this was going to be a huge problem. (Facepalm!) So from now on - seasonal projects will be released as mini courses and NOT in the membership!

Because anyone can join us at any time, Month One now has a BRAND NEW lesson! Current subscribers will gain access to it right away. Our Month One theme is now "Morning Glory Hands", as you can see from the photo. I just love this Traceable - it is so fun to work with.

You might be wondering what the membership is about though...

The idea is simple. I provide artwork every month that you can download and print on your office printer at home. I call the artwork, "Traceables". You can  trace the artwork into your Bible or prefered paper/book and colour it in! OR you can use the Traceables as a colouring sheet. All you have to do is cut off the text and logo at the top of the page, and print the artwork onto a better quality paper such as presentation paper or thin cardstock. And colour!

In the membership - you'll receive detailed process videos explaining how I choose to colour and decorate the project of the month. You'll receive a devotional and prayer that coordinates with our monthly theme. You'll have access to a growing library of techniques, tips and projects for as long as you are a member!

Our membership is a great way to grow your art skills and your faith. You do not need to be an artist to join. I think you'll be surprised at what you can create!

For more information, just check out this page.

And remember - you can unsubscribe from the membership at any time. It is hassle free.  :)  OR you can ask me to pause your subscription for a time so that you don't lose your progress through the membership.

There are MANY ways to do Bible Art Journaling, Creative Bible Journaling and Faith Journaling - I enjoy them all! So if this membership is not for you - you might be interested in the online mini courses that I am planning to release this year!

Have a great day,

Heidi :)

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