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My Etsy Shop is Open With Digital Content!!

2022 update digital art etsy shop traceables Apr 01, 2022

My Etsy Shop is Open with Digital content such as Traceables and Printables - and it includes a few products with an Easter theme, such as this Rabbit above.

When purchasing a Traceable, Printable or Digital Art Package, you'll receive PDF files to download, print and to use creatively. They are for personal use - ideal for Bible Art projects, journaling, homeschooling more.

After downloading the artwork (which will be a PDF file), you can print off a copy for yourself to create with. I typically trace the Traceable image into a Journaling Bible (made for Bible Art Journaling) and then I colour and decorate it. If you are a Mom or someone taking care of children - you can also print off extra copies for the children to draw and colour on. The Traceable's are great to use as colouring pages!

I have an assortment of digital products now available and more will enter the Etsy shop in the weeks to come!

Don't forget to check the bottom of my home page on THIS website as well - every now and then I'll offer a new Freebie of downloadable art. It's a great chance for you to collect some free artwork for you to enjoy. :)