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Junk Journal Art Journaling - Making Space for Self Expression

2022 update bible art journaling junk journal Jul 08, 2022

If you've followed me for any length of time on this website, or on social media, you're probably aware that I really love art journaling. And that I enjoy many types of art journaling, including multiple ways to do Bible Art Journaling! ;)

One of these ways to do art journaling is to use a number of products inside a handmade junk journal. I really enjoy using products like stamps, ephemera, digital art (that has been downloaded, printed, cut out and pasted onto layouts), fun papers, paint and a variety of art supplies. 

For those who may be wondering - these pages were created mostly with Illustrated Faith (a brand) stamps, ephemera, stamped on glassine envelopes and a black marker to write with. I used Ranger Ink "Distress Oxide" stamping inks as well as Ranger Archival Ink (black). I also used some glue and a manual label maker. So fun!

There's a ton of different ways to journal - and different products to journal in and with. Keep in mind too, that my creative membership is NOT about this type of bible journaling.

If you there's something that you want to ask about -  just put a comment in the comment section and I'll answer back when I can. :)

I used to be a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, teaching card making and scrapbooking. I find that so much of the crafting supplies that I kept from my Stampin' Up! days are just fabulous for art journaling and Bible Art Journaling. If there's anything that I've learned over the years - it is this - you don't have to feel that you are creative to create. But it is very helpful to learn how to use the "tools" - getting comfortable with the tools is a big step towards getting comfortable with the creative process.

I feel it's much like learning to bake or learning how to use woodworking tools in shop class. You aren't born knowing instinctively how to create. You certainly aren't born just knowing how to use power tools!! But you might feel pulled to create. There's a difference. EVERYONE has to go through the process of learning how to use the tools so that they can create (and preferably with maximum efficiency). So learning the tools, using them and practicing (despite mistakes or your judgement on how you are doing) - that is what gets you somewhere. 

So if you feel drawn to the idea that you can express yourself creatively in a journal, junk journal (or other paper source) - I'd like to encourage you today to try it.

If you are a person of faith - you can journal about faith. If you are a documenter - you might share more snippets about your day or your family. If you are wrestling through personal issues, you might want to encourage yourself or even purge the uglies out with art. However you do it - it's all valid and it is an expression of you.

Remember - not every layout will look "pretty", and nor should it. But as you try different techniques and try simply expressing your heart - over time, you will find your way. One of my friends calls this creation of art, living documentation. Don't you like that phrase? Some people express their heart (and mind) more with words and others with colour, movement and imagery. But the idea of it all is this - it is an outlet to express what's inside you. How honest you will be is up to you. You and only you make the rules and pass judgment. So ignore any negative comments from the committee inside your head. ;) All you need to do is to show up, open that journal and make some marks. Add words, if necessary.

I find it to be good for my heart. So I make space in my life for it.

What do you do? What helps you to show up to life, helping you to face and deal with the necessary heart work that helps you to be the person that you want to be? Or that helps you to courageously be your authentic self?