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Labour Day & September Shop Sales - Save BIG!

2022 update art journaling bible art journaling creative adventures membership etsy shop sale Sep 05, 2022

Hi everyone! It's Labour Day here in Canada (Sept 5th) and that usually means putting on a special sale! It's also the first week of back to school where I live and I'm feeling like celebrating. :)

Here's the news:

Etsy Shop Sale - Digital Items: Spend a minimum of $5 to receive 30% off

Go to the Etsy shop (by clicking on the link above) to find more Traceables and Printables that you can purchase, download and use on your journaling (and other) projects. This sale ends on Sept 12th.

Find it right here on this website - Creative Adventures in Bible Art Journaling - a RARE sale! 

The MONTHLY subscription membership is on sale for $20 per month USD (reg price $27/mo). This means you'll pay $20 per month for a 12 month subscription (but you can cancel and end your membership privileges at any time). This is on sale until Sept 30th.

OR purchase an ANNUAL membership - as a one time purchase. SAVE BIG with 50% off the annual price! This means $162.00 USD for 12 months of projects, art videos and of course, art to trace for your Bible Art Journaling projects. Your content will still be released every 30 days for 12 months. This is on sale until Sept 30th.

If you want to join us, but finances are getting in your way, please contact me and I'll see what I can do.

Enjoy the discounts friends. And happy September!

Smiles, Heidi

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