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Outdoor Beauty and Gentle Intentions

2022 update christmas creative gentle intentions online course winter Nov 29, 2022

Hello from Beautiful Saskatoon!

When life becomes fuller, it is more important than ever for me to intentionally take time to move my body, create art, seek beauty, spend time with God, watch my nutrition and do all the things that I know that will help me through the season. It is all too easy for days to blow by fast and to feel like I'm on a hamster wheel. So when I feel that way, I do my best to get off the wheel!

More often than not, putting down the phone, and staying away from electronics awhile can really help. Going for a walk outdoors is one of the best things! But if you're pressed for time, here's a suggestion. Drive to a pretty spot!

One of my favourite spots in the city is along Spadina as the river runs along that road. I know that there will be a pretty scene somewhere along that route where my breath catches and I'm totally in awe and wonder of the beauty around me. When I feel that moment, it's obviously a great place to stop (so find some parking close by). I'll put on my mitts (it is winter where I live right now) and take my camera (my iPhone) and walk around a bit to find the best spot to snap a few photos. I'll take a moment to breathe deeply, feel gratitude rise and allow my heart to be stirred. Nature can be quite restorative! Once I'm done, then I'll leave. Easy. Simple. And honestly, it doesn't take too much time - I might only stop for 5 to 10 minutes. Planning out your stop on your schedule for the day can help though if you are having a full and busy day. 

But little stops like this can do wonders for the soul. It can help me to reset, be more intune with who I want to be and is another chance to fill my soul with calm and peace. 

And of course, I have a myriad of other things that I like to do, depending on time and what I feel my body or spirit needs. I bet you do too.

Sometimes my efforts work and sometimes they do not. But I've learned over time that being gentle with myself (instead of chastising or using negative self talk) and setting intentions (rather than rules which feels constricting) will help me to meet life's demands with more grace. And I really want to show up in all areas of life with grace, calmness, acceptance, peace and more. 

Are you interested in talking more about this and joining me for A Season of Gentle Intentions?

For the past two years I offered a free course during December. This year, I'm offering a discounted course - $25 USD for the first few weeks and then the price will go up to $45 USD. This course will occur over TWO months - so that's pretty cheap!

If you choose to join this adventure - we'll walk together through the highs and lows of Dec and Jan. As an inspirational course, I'll offer some worksheets for you to download, free or discounted Printables (art to print at home and cut out) such as Christmas tags, Advent/Calendar numbers, ephemera and a bit more. I'll give you a few short tutorials and reflective posts to help you to consider what gentle intentions, actions and creative pursuits you might wish to do during this season. You'll decide what you participate in or not. I'd like to encourage you to watch the videos, read the posts and activations and then decide what you'd like to do. 

Once you're in, you'll have long term access to this course. AND to help keep the costs low, you'll get the occasional discount or offer for some of my other products (don't worry, I won't spam you or be obnoxious!) In the spirit of being gentle, I'll be gentle on myself too and will add to the course as it rolls along - I'll drip out the lessons one week at a time.

You do not have to be creative to join us. But of course, all creatives are welcomed! Most of what I share will be a reflection of the creative person that I am. I plan on a few very short and easy crafts. I'll show you the steps from start to finish with video. I'll also share a bit about my life and food challenges this time and we'll even have a guest post! 

To summarize - this course will have:

  • gentle intention suggestions, activations and worksheets to download
  • short video tutorials of an easy and economical craft
  • video tutorials showing how to use a particular Printable (such as Christmas tags)
  • a brief intro to stamp carving - we'll create gift tags!
  • a guest post
  • long term access
  • inspiring photo (or video) of the creative pursuits I'm doing during this time

Sound like fun?

I hope that you'll join me. And remember - don't feel any pressure to participate in the suggestions - only do what appeals to you and fits in with your life during this time. Deal?

The course opens DEC 3rd.

You can purchase it right away but our first lesson will be dripped out on Dec 3rd. So make sure you check off "send me emails" when you purchase the course so that you get that notification that your lesson is ready for you when it is ready!

If you've read all of this - THANK YOU! Click HERE to find out more about this brand NEW ONLINE course!