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Encouragement for Today

2022 update art journaling creativity talk printables quotes Sep 08, 2022

Encouragement for Today

Art journaling and Bible Art Journaling can take many forms - but one of the things that I like to use are diy stickers! I typically call them "Printables".

I offer several Printables in my Etsy shop. In this photo - I'm using a set from my Etsy shop called "Flowers on Pathways".

I really enjoy looking through my journals and seeing all the beautiful layouts. I find them to be a really great way to encourage myself and to encourage others. Plus... you know it's a great way to get some beauty out in the world, via social media and blog posts!

Here's the words from the journal page, taken from Morgan Harper Nichols - one of my favourite poets:

 "The winds of uncertainty came but your roots held in place. And there on shaky ground you bloomed anyway."

Isn't that beautiful? Morgan has a wonderful way with words. Thankfully you can find her on Instagram at @morganharpernichols

So - if you're interested in the process of creating this journal page - keep reading!

First - find a page of paper that you want to use and watercolour it up!

I used some mixed media paper by Clairfontaine called "Paint On". A watercolour paper would be great to use too. I played around with a few different mixes of purples and just painted simple rectangles on the page with them. Then I let the watercolour dry before going on to the next step. 

Next - purchase your digital art (mine can be found in the Etsy link above), make it yourself or find a Printable that you've already purchased. Line art - images with just black lines that aren't coloured in is ideal. Purchase, download the Printable and print it on Clear Full Sheet Shipping Label (sticker paper) by Avery, or your choice of sticker paper. Please keep in mind that it looks more milk/foggy translucent rather than clear (Avery's label calls it "clear" though).

I wanted the large flowers, so I cut two of them out and simply adhered the stickers to vintage dictionary paper. Then I cut the flowers out (on the dictionary page) and set them aside.

Once the page was dry, I glued the two flowers (with the dictionary paper on them) to my layout. Is that cool or what? Easy and fun. I adore this look!

Next, I lettered a quote from one of my favourite poets, Morgan Harper Nichols onto vellum with a permanent black marker. Finally I added some hand stitching  to the vellum - just for fun. Then I adhered the vellum to the layout. Once I hole punched the top of the page (for the journal binding system I decided to use), I called it done! (Note: My website name is a watermark on the photo and is not part of the actual artwork.)

If you are interested in creating a page like this or similar to it, I'd love to see it! Just tag me @aglimpseofjoy on Instagram or A Glimpse of Joy on Facebook so that I can see your lovely work. While tagging is not required - it will make my day!

Thanks for reading this far. May this find you blooming and growing, friends.