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Creative Talk - Life and Creativity Have An Ebb and a Flow to It.

2022 update creativity talk Jul 03, 2022

There's nothing quite like jumping off a dock into the water...

but sometimes we can feel like we're not up to jumping deep into creativity when we consider whether we want to have some creative time "right now" or not.

Cool fact: I took this photo at the camp that our middle son is working at during Summer of 2022. :)

I'd love to take a moment to encourage you right now. Whatever you are feeling and experiencing - it's okay

Here's some real talk for you. Even a highly creative person like myself has days where creativity is elusive (where did my mojo go?!), or days when I don't want to do anything else but create... and then there are all the nuances in-between. 

💛 My point is this: life and creativity have an ebb and flow to it. 

Sometimes you need to recognize when to engage in the discipline of creativity. This could mean doing little exercises which help me to warm up and get back into the creative flow. Sometimes this is easy, but other days it looks like work. 

At other times, I might need more rest and relaxation to recuperate from daily life activities. I need to fill my cup and feed my soul!

Please remember: never push yourself or put yourself down. Being gentle with yourself is so much better (and healthier) than performing under a self imposed pressure. 

💛 I'd like to encourage you to find your own creative rhythm and learn to flow with it.

As you get to know your creative rhythms (and everyone has them, whether they consider themselves creative or not), you'll come to know what activity will suit you best in that moment. You'll also learn how to nourish yourself by feeding your soul and how to fertilize your creativity so that your creativity (and your art skills) can grow!

💛 Here's just a few favourite things that I like to do. Maybe some of them will hold value for you too:

Read a creative book or magazine. Or watch online classes.

I really value learning. I believe that when we learn the tools for whatever creative pursuit that we want to do - creativity can flow more easily.

So sometimes it feels great to just take some me-time to absorb creativity from other sources. They can inspire me, educate me, spark ideas and feed my soul. 

Spend time outdoors, "smelling the roses". Cultivate peace.

Weather permitting, I enjoy bringing my coffee (or water) outdoors, maybe with a meal or a snack, putting my feet up and creating a relaxing and soothing environment. Sometimes I bring my notepad and pen out so that I can capture creative ideas, jot down a to-do list or brainstorm something business related.

But sometimes I need to just "be" awhile... and just allow myself to feel the peace of nature and to enjoy my drink. This can rejuvenate my creative times and life in general as well.

Whatever you choose to do, setting the scene and making your surroundings relaxing and peaceful can help ideas and creativity to flow.

I have different things that I'll do, depending on my needs for different times of the year, or depending on what I'm currently going through.

What generally works for you? I'd love to know.