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Create a Prayer Map - A Month 8 Sneak Peek into CABAJ

2022 update a glimpse of joy bible art journaling creative adventures membership Aug 22, 2022

Have you ever heard of a Prayer Map?

There are many ways to record your prayers, to record the names of people that you want to pray for and what their needs are. I came up with a very fun way to create a prayer map for our Month 8 Art Tutorial in the membership that I offer, Creative Adventures in Bible Art Journaling.

Here it is:

Fun right? Prayer times can get creative too!

The idea is simple. Each drawing/symbol acts as a prompt of something to think about and pray for. We are using word association for this layout. For example, clouds can stand for:

  • praying for rain
  • praying for less rain
  • praying for rain to come and douse wildfires
  • good weather for the harvest (rain at the right time and not at the wrong time)
  • something on your heart that is making you sad or that you're struggling with lately
  • someone you are grieving for
  • and so on!

In our Month 8 art tutorial, our members receive the art to create this layout and get step by step instruction on how to recreate it. Because they get the art that they can print - they could also make a prayer map booklet if they'd like to by printing the image, binding it into a book and then filling in the pages with their notes as often as they feel led to. Fun right??

If you've been on the fence about joining us - don't be! Come and join us. The membership goes on sale on Sept 1st - and it RARELY goes on sale! 

Cue the imaginary confetti!

In the meantime - if you like this idea - please consider creating your own version of a prayer map. I'd love to see what you come up with. If you do this challenge - please tag me (pretty please!) @aglimpseofjoy so that I can see your art too.

AND... make sure you post on social media with your finished art - but without ANY personal or confidential details. Ok? Thanks. Here's my example of generic/neutral prayer notes that I feel is suitable for social media:

There's nothing quite like seeing your spelling mistakes after you finish your page, right? Ha ha. But if you do make a spelling mistake, like I did - stay chill. It's just a sign that you were really into your project. ;) Wishing you some wonderful creative time this week.

Smiles, Heidi