NEW COURSE - Gentle Intentions

A Season of Gentle Intentions Has Begun!

2022 update a season of gentle intentions creativity online course Dec 07, 2022

Hi everyone! My newest course offering, A Season of Gentle Intentions has begun! It's doors are open and the first module is ready for you. 

A new module will release every week for a total of 8 weeks.

Just a note though - the first module has THE MOST stuff. Lol. It will be the biggest module of the course. This module gets us started, lays the foundation for the course and will give you a number of worksheets that will be helpful for the rest of the course.

In module two, you'll see more examples of the worksheets being used, creative art journaling using the prompts and a fun tutorial about stamp carving.

I hope that you'll join us! Cheers!

Smiles, Heidi

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