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Are You Looking for Videos on How to Use a Traceable?

2022 update bible art journaling online course sunflower mini course traceables Jun 10, 2022

Hi everyone! I just love sunflowers. What about you?

I thought I'd pop on the blog today and let you know that I have a short, single project course called "Sunflower Bible Art Journaling Mini Course". 

Some of you have received or purchased Traceables from me - either in the past, just recently, perhaps through the creative membership that I offer or even through my Etsy site. I know that some of you are super comfortable with downloading, printing and colouring the Traceables but if you are reading this, maybe you are looking for more instruction on how to use a Traceable. Or maybe you'd enjoy watching some art videos for fun. If this is you - I have some options for you!

You can join this single project course or you can join my monthly creative membership - Creative Adventures in Bible Art Journaling. But I'm going to tell you about the Mini Course today.

In the Sunflower Mini course, you can watch me create the Bible Journaling page from start to finish - using the Traceable (of the sunflower) that I'll give you in the course. 

You don't have to worry about having drawing skills or not. You don't have to worry about whether you can watercolour or not. Just find some watercolours that you like, an Illustrating Bible (or Interleaved Bible or paper of your choice), download and print the Traceables and watch the videos. I'll explain how I decided to do the various things that I do - and how I got that inspiration.

It is my hope that the courses and content that I offer will help you to learn some art skills and grow your creative confidence. I also hope that the courses and workshops will also empower you to follow your own inspiration and ideas.

If you're interested in joining the course, click on this link here to learn more.

Thanks for reading. :) Have a wonderful day!