Bible Art - Purple Shamrocks

I asked my Mom for one of her purple shamrock plants (she had a ton of them!) and she graciously gave me one. I think it’s the neatest thing. It really looks like butterflies are nested on stems! It is such a unique and pretty plant. So I thought, why not journal it? It was the perfect page to break in my new journal, called Less Hustle and More Jesus by Shanna Noel of Illustrated Faith. The pages are lightly marked. Some have verses or quotes on them (you can see one in the photo). And most pages have a light smattering of paint strokes or doodles already. It’s rather fun to be working in this journal!

As I doodled the shamrocks, at one point I started texting back to a friend who was telling me that butterflies had stopped by their place (in the US) on their migratory spring route!! How amazing, right?! I felt so delighted for her, so delighted for me (to be doodling, to hear about these butterflies and to see her photos)!! So that influenced the words that I wrote!

I love how I’ll just begin somewhere, invite Jesus to join me at the table, and I kind join with a very cool creative and spiritual flow - this is a sign of the Holy Spirit’s presence. It’s so inspiring to me and fills my heart. It’s so FUN. Life giving!!

LHMJ Purple Shamrocks.jpg
Heidi Guenther