100 Days... Follow My Journey!

I’ve attempted to do 100 day projects before and I’ve always either lost interest, gotten distracted/busy or just couldn’t keep it up after an embarrassingly short period of time. Ha. I’m happy to say that I’ve kept up the habit so far - just not daily. Giving myself more time and grace to continue this project is working for me so far - and that feels like a major victory! I’m posting these pages on Instagram, but you can also find them here on my website. Just head to the top of the site, click on 100 Days. You’ll head to a new page - saying “100 Days” in the title. Hit the “Visit Gallery” button. I’ll update the space now and then as I can.

Why am I doing this?

Well…. partly for the challenge. Partly to switch up my devotional times.

But mostly - to inspire those around me to deepen their walk and devotional life with God in creative ways. I recognize that not everyone feels comfortable art journaling inside a bible. So - journaling inside of a journal or devotional can feel very freeing, a lot less expensive and hopefully a lot less stressful.

I encourage you to connect with God however you can. This is merely one of many methods of worshiping God and of connecting with God creatively and in beauty.

Day 16 by firepit.jpeg

100 Days

of art journaling in a devotional called, “100 Days of Less Hustle, More Jesus”, by Illustrated Faith’s Shanna Noel. Follow my journey!