Beautiful Papers

I was over at Soul Paper (in Saskatoon, Sk) the other day and found these gorgeous papers to play with. Soul Paper is one of my favourite shops!! I find many stencils, watercolours, calligraphy and art supplies perfect for art making over there! The shop owners are always warm and friendly, their staff knowledgeable and their shop is pure inspiration and eye candy for me!!

Art Journaling is a fabulous way to use papers like these. You can express yourself to your heart’s content in your journal. You don’t have to know how to draw or paint - using art papers can take care of that! Often I’ll cut portions of the paper out (such as a single bird or butterfly) and paste it onto the page along with some words as I enjoy lettering very much. Because you are creating something for your own use, (not to be published) you don’t have to worry that the art papers are copyrighted. You can just play and experiment and enjoy.

Art Journaling may not be for everyone - but there may be as many ways to art journal as there are people! There is no right or wrong. The only criteria is to express yourself in whatever way is authentic to you. If you’re not sure what being authentically you is yet - then take off any pressure to know stuff and to perform well - give yourself freedom to try something and experiment. Try not to judge your work!

I feel that it’s important to find stuff that feeds your soul as well as your spirit. Beautiful papers and creating art is a great way to feed my soul! I love to share what I’ve discovered in my classes and workshops.

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Have a great day everyone!

Blog_Art paper from Soul Paper.jpeg