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A Season of Gentle Intentions

I invite you to join us in this unique course meant to gently inspire you to slow down and to get in touch with your intentions during the highs and lows of December and January. We'll focus on creative journaling and using worksheets to help us work through the weekly prompts. As an inspirational course, you'll receive Printables (think: clip art), downloadable worksheets, the occasional crafty but economical tutorial as well as beautiful photos with creative inspiration. We'll also have a guest post and we'll touch on stamp carving and using a glass pen for calligraphy! Each week, a new module will be released.

You'll love the downloadable art and my sweet and easy tutorial on how to create these gift tags with the Printable provided for you in the course!

Count Me In!

Intention: (n) 

The action or fact of intending.

2. An aim that guides action; an objective


Wikipedia: Intentions are mental states in which the agent commits themselves to a course of action.

In this course, you can choose your own adventure:

  • You can work directly on the worksheets to focus on your gentle intentions and reflections; take inspiration from the videos and creative ideas provided
  • You can go the creative route - still focusing on the reflections, prompts an  intentions but participating in art journaling, simple creative projects
  • Any combo of the above

Why choose?

The important part of this course is working through your gentle intentions and prompts for yourself in Dec and January. And you can do that in whatever way works for you!

Everything else is just extra.

And don't forget - you'll have long term access to the course - so you can enjoy it at your own pace.

Common Questions


1. What topics will you touch on in the creative tutorials?

I will offer a variety of short tutorials (not full length classes) - from how to use a Printable and create gift tags with it to a brief introduction to stamp carving! I'll introduce you to creating homemade gift wrap, using a glass dip pen for calligraphy, creative journaling and more. Please do not feel that you have to participate with every creative idea. This is to be a NO PRESSURE course.

Time permitting, we'll also create a simple star garland. Since I'll be gentle on myself during this time as well, some tutorials are preplanned and others will be whatever I'm inspired to create to share with you.


2. Why is the course price so cheap?

It is really important to me to make this course as affordable as possible during the Holiday Season. Creating it as an inspirational course with some tutorials (not full length projects) will help to keep the cost down. I'll also give you a discount on digital items in my Etsy shop and sale offers for other A Glimpse of Joy products at a random time - sales from this will help to offset the cost of creating the course. However, please do not feel obligated to purchase anything more.

And of course, I hope that you'll share news about this course with others! If you do, and they sign up then I'll give you a discount for an upcoming online A Glimpse of Joy course - of your choice - in 2023! 

You must email me with the details to get the online course coupon: [email protected]


3. What supplies do I need for this course?

  • a computer or device to go through the lessons
  • a way to print the downloadable resources I'll give you (you can use a home printer or use a Print Shop)
  • appropriate paper for our printed worksheets/Printables
  • a pencil & eraser
  • scissors
  • a pen and/or a black marker
  • basic craft supplies 
  • a waterbrush (medium tip) or a paint brush (a watercolour "Round" size 6 or 7 is great)
  • a journal (purchased or handmade); but you can use the worksheets instead


Some Optional Supplies For Those Who Want Creative Pursuits During This Time

(a more precise list will be mentioned in the course)

  • ONE of: a glass calligraphy pen or a bamboo pen, a calligraphy pen with a nib or even a pointed stick
  • calligraphy ink (or substitute watercolours, india ink or sumi ink)
  • watercolours of your choice
  • assorted watercolour paint brushes
  • stamp carving supplies (Speedball)
  • Pink Rubber by Speedball (for stamp carving; or your preferred brand)
  • Printmaking ink or stamping ink such as Distress Oxide ink pads (brand: Ranger) 
  • hot glue gun


Each week I'll give you a supply list and if you choose to create the project - you can. I hope that most of our projects will be economical for you. Stamp Carving supplies will be more of an investment - it is completely up to you if you choose to try stamp carving. You can use purchased stamps for the craft tutorial videos instead.

$55 USD

  • weekly prompts and reflection points
  • downloadable worksheets (to work through the prompts and reflection points)
  • creative inspiration
  • short video tutorials
  • Printables (clip art) for your use - for any age/ability & to bring you joy
  • discounts for other A Glimpse of Joy products


The doors to this course are closed for the season. Thank you for your interest!